We at Grace Falls believe in professionalism, and that is why we have searched high and low for the best in the business. We have chosen an exclusive group of people to be on our approved suppliers’ list who you can trust and whose work we stand behind. These people will go the extra mile to make sure your wedding turns out perfect.


Please remember that Xtreme Sounds are the only DJs allowed to work on our sound systems. If you wish to use your own DJ, he/she will need to bring in their own sound.


JP Theron

082 420 8618


Please note that only Bella Fiore are allowed to drape at Grace Falls and no exceptions will be made.

Bella Fiore

Debbie Peters

082 552 7684


La Mia Foto RSA

Mia Djikstra

083 298 7375

Vlakvark Productions

Salmon Botha

072 235 9044

Shades of white photography

Lizelle Haughton

061 501 2886


Vlakvark Productions

Salmon Botha

072 235 9044

Décor & flower specialists


Vanessa Snyders

083 391 5098

Bella Fiore

Debbie Peters

082 552 7684



Alet Wessels

082 800 4511


Naomi Louw

082 579 4733

Wedding Cakes

Our in-house wedding cake department allows you complete peace of mind as your cake baked and decorated on site. No transport, no late deliveries, just perfection.

For more information speak to Marelize at 071 145 5938

*Although we highly recommend these suppliers we do not guarantee any work or prices. These suppliers are not employed by Grace Falls, nor do they represent Grace Falls in any capacity. All bookings and inquiries should be directed to the suppliers directly.

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