Wine for your guests?

We at Grace Falls really do not believe in tradition. We feel that tradition limits you. This is not to say that all traditions are bad. One tradition that we feel you can definitely consider keeping (if your budget allows) is giving your guests wine.

Now, right from the start, I want to say, absolutely no table wine. Rather consider a wine table. This allows your guest to have their glass while limiting wastage as much as possible. There is nothing sadder or worse than seeing a stunning bottle of vino being opened and not appreciated. With a wine table, it is easier to regulate the amount of open wine. So, if you ordered 10 bottles of wine and you guests only drink 8, you get to enjoy the extra 2 instead of having them opened and going to waste.

Another great reason to rather make use of a wine table is you can have more than 2 varietal. Most people believe that you have to place 1 white and 1 red on each guest table. So, instead of having 10 bottles of Merlot and 10 bottles of Sauvignon blanc you can mix it up a bit, why not throw in 2 bottles of Rosé or 3 bottles Chenin blanc. Give everyone what they would like to drink.

It does really make sense. Not only economically but also for a bit of variety.

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