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It is the beginning of the new year and most of you got engaged over December. What a glorious time it was. Oh, to be young and in love. You wish the feeling will never fade. Then you get back home and the hunt for the venue begins. You thought you would have more time but your bride had a different plan, and you thought it would be the worst part. But then you find out that it will get much, much worse because with the start of a new year brings the start of WEDDING EXPO SEASON.

For us grooms, the phrase wedding expo goes hand in hand with a serious headache and intense rolling of the eyes. The single most boring thing that can ever happen to you. Trust me, I know. I have been through it and all I can say is, SUCK IT UP. It is worth it.

One thing that every groom should realize is that the advantages to these expos far outweigh the boredom and irritation.


Let’s start at the beginning. One thing you should realize is that your bride has been planning her wedding probably before she ever met you and she deserves to be indulged for the couple of months leading up to your wedding. Now, the big advantages to the dreaded wedding expos are what makes it worth it.


  1. She will enjoy it, obviously. And this should be important to you. She will only get to do this once and she really deserves to enjoy it guilt-free.
  2. Most of the exhibitors at these expos offer amazing discounts on their products or services. You can save tons of money and spend it on something you might want. It really does open the budget a lot.
  3. It really helps her to formulate a real plan for your wedding. Most brides have a picture in mind of how they want their wedding to look. The problem is the picture is not always a good idea in reality. Wedding expos overflow with ideas and experts that can guide her with turning her dreams into reality. This will streamline the planning process and will help to ease the tension that miscommunication usually brings into these situations because most of the professional know how to speak bride and groom.


There are only 3 or 4 must visit expos a year so the sacrifice is not that big. And think of it this way. You saying yes to the expos is excellent training for being married, because the age old saying still rings true, happy wife, happy life.

Remember to join us at the Expo4Brides this weekend at the Lynnwood Bridge Mall and at the wedding & Wine show at the Heartfelt Arena 0n 4 & 5 March 2017.

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